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15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed

15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed
15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed 15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed 15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed 15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed 15mm Pilot solenoid Valve 3/2 way Normally Closed
Brand: Amisco
Product Code: 15D1C2
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The 15 mm pilot solenoid valve has been designed and developed as a high performance in terms of pressure and flow, minimum dimension, very low power consumption and high reliability (50,000,000+ cycles) even at high cycling rate either 2/2 or 3/2 way with direct acting function for use with air. The solenoid valve is composed by an encapsulated coil joined to a plastic valve body made by PPS. The assembly is not detachable, all the 15mm pilot valves feature:

  • Orifice 0.8 or 1.1mm (Other orifice options available)
  • Working pressure range 0 to 8 or 10 Bar for air (Other options to 16 Bar available)
  • Function 3/2 way normally closed (optional 3/2 N/Open or Universal and 2/2 way)
  • Coil 24vDC power 1 watt or 2.5 Watts class H 200°C copper wire according to IEC 60317-13 and ATEX 94/9/EC group II, category 3: GAS: Ex nA IIC Tx Gc and DUST: Ex tc IIIC Tx Dc. (optional 12vDC, 24vAC, 110vAC, 220vAC)
  • Connection DIN C 8mm 3 PIN (optional flying lead wires or M12)

The valve is normally equipped with NBR seals (Optional Viton or FKM) and monostable manual override and is delivered with a specially designed NBR seal and screws for its assembling on the main valve units. The coil is designed and manufactured according to EN 60204.1 and VDE 0580 and it’s suitable for industrial ambient conditions. For use in different ambients with high humidity, take contact us. All the components used are UL-listed.
Applications: Pneumatic automation for Textile Knitting Machines, Hosiery, Automated Fabric Knitting, Air operated Underwear Knitting, Medical Equipment used on brands such as Lonati, Matec, Colosib, Sangiacomo, Santoni, CZECH, Uniplet, Korea Brother and S-Tec Machines.
Equivalent to:
ACL, E340XB08, D340XB08
Aignep 07v203nc11
Amisco, 07V203NC10 12vdc, 07V203NC11 24vDC
Asco, E290 mini air operated valve series 302
Clippard, E310A-1EO, E311E-3CO, E315D-1DO, E315E-2T, E315E-2WO, E3015F-2W N/Open,
Festo, MH1
Fluidac, MAV10-23-1-24vdc, MAV10-23-1-12vDC
Flupec, 034601 AE05C01200 12vdc, 034602 AE05C02400 24vDC, 034603 AE05C02450 24vAC, 034604 AE05C11050, 034605 AE05C22050
Humphrey, A15, series pilot valve
Metalwork, PIV.M 15mm
Norgren, IMI, FAS, MICROSOL, 15mm, 1-311P, 01-311P, 01-311P-015, 01-311P-015HO, 01-311P1011H0+61111+AY, 1-312E-06-HP+A1171+AY, -311P-00-H0+F01003+BCC, -311P-00-H0+F01003+BDH, 1-311P-00-H0+H01014+AWD, 1-311P-00-H0+H01016+AYG, 1-311P101-H0+61511i+AW, 01-311P101-H0+61511i+AYS, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+AXX, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+BAU, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+BBJ, 1-311P101-H0+11511i+BCK
Pneumax, N3
Legris Solenoid Valve 4298 01 01, 2 port , 24 V dc

Ordering Codes:
Product family = 15=15mm pilot valve
Electrical connections: D1=DIN C 8mm 3 pin, option C1=flying leads (105C), C2=flying leads 140C,M1=M12, S1= industrial form 9.4mm
Voltages: C2=24vDC, option PO=24vAC, P2=110vAC, R5=220vAC, P9=230vAC, C1=12vDC
Windings: A 2.5 Watt, B1 Watt, option C= 3VA
Assembly coil-valve pneumatic & electrical ports 1= opposite side (external seal), option 2= same side (external seal), 4=opposite side recessed seal, 5=same side recessed seal.
Seal Materials: N = NBR, option V=FKM, F=FKM low temperature -30C
Manual Over Ride: M=monostable (no lock)

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