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WRAS Valves

WRAS approved solenoid and actuated ball valves either brass, stainless steel or plastic for use with UK, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales mains water, potable water and potable drinking water systems.
Zero Rated - valve operates from vacuum to maximum working pressure.
Pressure Assisted - valve utalises pressure difference between inlet and outlet port (requires guarenteed minimum 0.3 Bar difference)

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1/4 to 2" modulating motorised WRAS ball valve
CNX Smart Modulating 4-20mAmp compact IP67 ISO5211 actuator fitted to WRAS 2 way ball valve sizes 1/..
£575.18 £345.11
Ex Tax: £287.59
2" WRAS solenoid valve 0.3-16Bar 2/2 N/Closed Danfoss 032U7150
Danfoss 2" BSP WRAS solenoid valve Function 2/2 normally closed, Pressure 0.3 to 16 Bar, Operation p..
£944.96 £358.80
Ex Tax: £299.00

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