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Cast or Ductile Iron

Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated solenoid valves for water, air and oil.
Normally Closed = Failsafe Closed with power to Open.
Normally Open =  Failsafe Open with power to Close.

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Flanged DN50-500 Ductile Iron Solenoid Valve 0.3-10 Bar N/Closed
Ductile Iron epoxy coated 2/2 normally closed solenoid operated drum valve flanged PN16 or ANSI150lb..
£774.28 £568.55
Ex Tax: £473.79
Flanged Solenoid Valve Ductile Iron DN50-500 10 Bar 2/2 N/Open
Ductile Iron 2/2 Normally Open Solenoid Valve flanged PN16 or ANSI150lb with external pilot controll..
£909.22 £636.24
Ex Tax: £530.20
Solenoid Valve Flanged Cast Iron DN65-DN100 0.5-10 Bar
Flange one piece Steam Solenoid Valve 10 Bar rated type USLF, PN16 flange options DN65, DN80 or DN10..
£963.34 £645.44
Ex Tax: £537.87
Flanged DN15-150 Cast Iron Solenoid Valve 0-25 Bar N/Closed
2 way Cast Iron Solenoid Valve direct acting forced pilot flange sizes from DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, ..
£1,257.68 £842.65
Ex Tax: £702.21
Flanged DN65 Cast Iron Solenoid Valve 0-1 Bar 2/2 N/Closed
Flanged Cast Iron Solenoid Valve 4" DN100 Normally Closed rated 0 to 1 Bar with Assisted Lift type L..
£1,477.61 £990.00
Ex Tax: £825.00
Flanged DN15-150 Cast Iron Solenoid Valve 0-16 Bar N/Open
NO860CI 2/2 way Cast Iron direct acting solenoid valve flange sizes DN15, DN20, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN..
£1,490.41 £998.58
Ex Tax: £832.15
Flanged DN15-150 Cast Steel Solenoid Valve 0-25 Bar N/Closed
Cast Steel Flanged Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Port Sizes DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN50, DN65, DN80,..
£1,510.97 £1,012.34
Ex Tax: £843.62

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