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Cast or Ductile Iron

Cast Iron and Ductile Iron valves are very good for water and inert gas and liquid applications, especially for large bore applications where Brass and Stainless steel are comparably much more expenive. Our stocked range of BFE Ductile Iron solenoid valves include an Epoxy Coating internally and externally which makes them a perfect solution for water control applications with stock sizes from DN50 to DN150 and larger sizes to DN500 available on a quick delivery time.

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Flanged Solenoid Valve Ductile Iron DN50-500 10 Bar 2/2 N/Closed
Ductile Iron epoxy coated 2/2 normally closed solenoid operated drum valve flanged PN16 or ANSI150lb..
£774.28 £568.55
Ex Tax: £473.79
Flanged Solenoid Valve Ductile Iron DN50-500 10 Bar 2/2 N/Open
Ductile Iron 2/2 Normally Open Solenoid Valve flanged PN16 or ANSI150lb with external pilot controll..
£909.22 £636.24
Ex Tax: £530.20
Solenoid Valve Flanged Cast Iron DN65-DN100 0.5-10 Bar
Flange one piece Steam Solenoid Valve 10 Bar rated type USLF, PN16 flange options DN65, DN80 or DN10..
£963.34 £645.44
Ex Tax: £537.87
Flanged Solenoid Valve CastIron DN15-DN150 0-25 Bar N/Closed 2/2 860CI
2 way Cast Iron Solenoid Valve direct acting forced pilot flange sizes from DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, ..
£1,257.68 £842.65
Ex Tax: £702.21
Flanged Solenoid Valve Cast Iron DN100 0-1 Bar N/Closed
Flanged Cast Iron Solenoid Valve 4" DN100 Normally Closed rated 0 to 1 Bar with Assisted Lift type L..
£1,477.61 £990.00
Ex Tax: £825.00
Solenoid Valve Cast Iron DN15-DN150 0-16 Bar N/Open 2/2 Way NO860CI
NO860CI 2/2 way Cast Iron direct acting solenoid valve flange sizes DN15, DN20, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN..
£1,490.41 £998.58
Ex Tax: £832.15

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