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Dust collecting solenoid pulse valves 3/4-3" + 25/40mm

Dust collecting solenoid pulse valves 3/4-3" + 25/40mm
Dust collecting solenoid pulse valves 3/4-3" + 25/40mm Dust collecting solenoid pulse valves 3/4-3" + 25/40mm Dust collecting solenoid pulse valves 3/4-3" + 25/40mm
Brand: Sunwell
Product Code: PI PU
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Solenoid operated Pulse Dust Collecting Valves port sizes 3/4", 1", 11/2", 2", 21/2" and 3" thread or 25mm and 40mm compression end fittings. Function 2/2 way pressure range 0.5 to 7 Bar. This pulse valve offers extreme fast opening and very high flow characteristics with strong lightweight Aluminium body and very strong nylon reinforced flexible diaphragm designed specifically for Dust Collecting Filter systems giving a very long maintenance free life. Outlet is at 90 degrees to inlet.
Equivalent to
Asco series 353 pulse valve, sce353a206, sce353a207, scg353a043, scg353a044, scg353a047, scg353a050, scg353a051, scg353.060, sce353A811, sce353A821, sce353A831, SCS353A811, SCS353A821, SCS353A831, SCS353A711, SCS353A721, SCSA731, G353A043, G353A044, G353-052, G353-053, G353A047, G353A050, G353A051, G353.060, G353A065, 8353J039, 8353H038, 8353C035, 8353A057, 8353J039, SC8353G052, 8353C004, EF8353J039, 8353G053, JKF8353G811, 8353G041, 8353H054, 8353H038V, JKH8353J039, 8353C033V, JSF8353J039, 8353H054, SC8353J039, 8353G052, JBEF8353J039, 8353055, EF8353G053, EF8353J039, EF8353J039.
Festo pulse jet series VZWE-E-M22C-M-G34-200-H, VZWE-E-M22C-M-G1-250-H, VZWE-E-M22C-M-G112-400-H, VZWE-E-M22C-M-G2-500-H, VZWE-E-M22C-M-G212-620-H
Goyen CA50T020, RCA50T020, CA76T020, RCA76T020, RCAC20DD4022, CA20DD000, RCA20DD010, RCAC20DD3020, RCAC20T4022, CA20T020, RCA20T020, RCA20T3020, CA45T020, RCA45T020, RCAC25T4022, CA25T020, RCA25T020, RCAC25T3020, RCA40, RCAC20, RCA45, RCA20, 750-RCA-20TDV, 750-RCA-20DDV, 750-RCA40DDV, 750-RCA45DD2, 750-RCA3DSV, 750-MCO-110
Norgren Herion Bushjost dust collecting valve 8296300.8171.02400, 8296600.8171.02400, 8296600.8171.23050, 8296400.8171.02400, 8296400.8171.23050, 8296300.8171.23050, 8290600.0000.00000, 8290400.0000.00000, 8290300.0000.00000, 8296300.8171, 8297300.8171, 8296400.8171, 8297400.8171, 8296600.8171, 8297600.8171, 8296700.8171, 8296800.8171, 8297800.8171, 8296900.8171
SMC VXF21A, VXF22A, VXF23A, VXF24A, VXF25A, VXF25B, VXF26A, VXF26B, VXF26C, VXF26D, VXF27B, VXF28B solenoid valve for dust collector
Sunwell PI20, PI25, PI40, PI50, PI65, PI80

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