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Cyclic Timers (SVT) for automated control of solenoid valves can be repeat cycle, single shot and delay shot sequences. These solid state electrical time control units are maintenance free and fit directly between the solenoid coil and connectors. There is a choice of fitment either ISO43650A Square type (SVT22) or 43650B Rectangluar type (SVT11) are both available across a wide range of timer sequences.

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Solenoid valve Cyclic Timers 24-240v ISOA (Square fitment)
Din mounted cycle repeat timers for solenoid valve ISO 42650A (Square fitment both sides) repeat cyc..
£69.41 £40.00
Ex Tax: £33.33
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solenoid valve Cyclic Timers 24-240v ISOB (Rectangular fitment)
Cyclic Timers for solenoid valve ISOB (Retangular fitment), this market leading repeat cycle adjusta..
£69.41 £40.00
Ex Tax: £33.33

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