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3/4" 180 degree triple solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed

3/4" 180 degree triple solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed
3/4" 180 degree triple solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed 3/4" 180 degree triple solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed 3/4" 180 degree triple solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed 3/4" 180 degree triple solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed
Brand: RPE
Product Code: T180
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Water inlet Solenoid Valve for washing machine, dishwasher and water appliance inlet 3/4BSP male to triple outlet at 180º straight with 10mm or 12mm hose barb hose connections. This solenoid Valve has WRC approval is Normally Closed with Nylon body, 0.2 to 10 Bar rated with faston electrical tags all voltages from 12 volt to 240 volt AC or DC.
The RPE plastic solenoid valve T180 series triple 180º inlet to outlet Ideal for most domestic and commercial water appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, drinking water dispensers and most other automated water control systems. Standard 3/4 BSP appliance hose fits directly onto the 3/4 BSP female thread with triple 10.5mm hose tail to fit into most water appliance rubber hoses of similar size.
Fits the following machines.
Aqualux di vapour steam stream shower 12vdc, diverts water to 3 different shower features such as over head rainfall, body masssage and foot massage.
Bosch washing machine: WAE2416SGB/04, WVD24520/01, WVD24520/02, WVD24520/03, WVD24520/04, WVD24520EE/01, WVD24520EE/02, WVD24520EE/03, WVD24520EE/04, WVD24520EU/01, WVD24520EU/02, WVD24520EU/03, WVD24520EU/04, WVD24520FF/01, WVD24520GB/01, WVD24520GB/02, WVD24520GB/03, WVD24520GB/04, WVD24520GB/05, WVD24520IT/01, WVD24520IT/02, WVD24520IT/03, WVD24520IT/04, WVD24520ME/01, WVD24520ME/02, WVD24520ME/03, WVD24520ME/04, WVD24520NL/01, WVD24520NL/02, WVD24520NL/03, WVD24520NL/04, WVD2452BGB/01, WVD2452BGB/02, WVD2452SGB/01, WVD2452SGB/02, WVD2452SGB/03, WVD2452SGB/04, WVD2452SGB/05, WVD2452XEE/01, WVD2452XEE/02, WVD2452XEE/03, WVD2452XEE/04, WVD2452XEE/05, WVD24560FF/01, WVD24560FF/02, WVD24560FF/03, WVD24560FF/04, WVF2401EE/01, WVF2401EU/01, WVF2401GB/01, WVF2401SN/01, WVF2402AU/01, WVF2402AU/02, WVF2402EE/01, WVF2402EE/02, WVF2402EU/01, WVF2402EU/02, WVF2402GB/01, WVF2402GB/02, WVF2402SN/01, WVF2402SN/02, WVF240SGB/01, WVF240SGB/02, WVG20460TI/01, WVG20460TI/02, WVG20560TI/01, WVG24469TI/01, WVG24469TI/02, WVG24566TI/01, WVG24566TI/02, WVG24568TI/01, WVG24569TI/01, WVT1260BR/01, WVT1260BR/02, WVT1260EE/01, WVT1260EU/01, WVT1260FF/01, WVT1260GB/01, WVT1260IT/01, WVT1260NL/01, WVT1260SA/01, WVT126SGB/01, WVT126SNL/01, WVT2420/01, WVT2850GB/01, WVT52050TI/01, WVT52050TI/02, WVT52458TI/01, WVT52458TI/02, WVTI2840GB/01
Electrolux hot water inlet valve for FL124, FL184, FL188, W124, W74
FREYE 2015-2016
Omniwash/IME part number CEEV3
Rational CD201 oven, 3002.0311, SCC101, G22SH1107, E62SH1107, E22SH1107, E11SH1107, G62SH1107, G11SH1109, G12SH1107, G21SH1107, E12SH1107, E61SH1107, E21SH1107, G61SH1109
Siemens washing machine WD12D520GB/01, WD12D520GB/02, WD31201GB/01, WD31202GB/02, WXD1260FF/01, WXD1260GB/01
Alternative part numbers: BSH173910, 5031688177215, 71-BS-16, Invensys water valve V38
All Points 58-1072 Triple Water Inlet Solenoid Valve

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