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Proportional Valve

Proportional Solenoid Valve are designed to open proportionally to the voltage applied typically between 0 and 24volts. 0 volts solenoid valve is closed, 24 volts solenoid valve is fully open, 12 volts valve is 50% or half open, 6 volts valve is 25% open, 3 volts valve is 12.5% open, 1.5 volts valve is 6.25% open. Any variation is supplied voltage will give direct proportional opening or closing valve control. Some proportional valves work from 4 to 20 mAmp, but the same proportional signal to valve position apply.

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Solenoid Valve Proportional Brass,Stainless,Ali 1/8-1/4" 16 Bar 22 Way
Proportional solenoid valve 1/8" or 1/4" BSP/NPT port function 2/2 way body Brass, Stainless steel o..
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