Solenoid valve Digital Timer ISOA (Square) 1 Sec-60 Hours Repeat Cycle 7-36Volt

Brand: Connexion

Model: SVTD22

Width 42.00
Height 19.70
Length 71.00

£48.00 £87.14
Price Ex Vat: £40.00

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Solenoid valve Digital timer solid state and fully programmable SVTD
Voltage: 7-36 volt AC or DC.
Time sequence: Any time sequence between 1 second and 59 hours 59 min 59 seconds.
Can be set Power ON then Power OFF or Power OFF then Power ON.
Fits ISO DIN43650A between solenoid coil and connector.
Switch capacity: 7-36v 1Amp
Protection: IP65 EN60529 with connector
Approvals: CE
Features: Flame retardant plastic, highly durable microcomputer, high precision, LED time display and power ON display.
Switch between ON then OFF or OFF then ON - Press Mode button. (from new is ON then OFF)

Time adjustment:
Press Mode - Press Enter
Press add to increase 1st digit hours, press Enter again to change 2nd digit hours, press enter and repeat for 2 digit minutes and again for seconds.
Press enter to set TIME OFF - repeat as above.
Press Mode when finished.

User Reviews

Simon on Dec 22, 2020

My sewage treatment plant solonoid valve timer broke just before Christmas and I phoned these guys just to check on the fittings and they were very helpful and it came the next day and fitted perfectly. It got me out of the Poo and I Can't recommend them enough.

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