Super Strong Solenoid valve commissioning magnet 20mm

Brand: Connexion

Model: Magnet-20

Width 41.00
Height 42.50
Length 41.00

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Price Ex Vat: £39.60

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Super Strong Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet tool SVOM-20
Bore size: 20mm
Magnetic strength: 40000 Gauss flux density in total (40KG Pull force). The unit consists of three N42 (NdFeB) Neodymium super strength magnets
Encapsulation: strong ABS corrosion resistant case
Magnetic stability: high stability, minimal demagnetisation effect with exposure to external magnetic fields
Temperature: +250°C Max

Pocket sized solenoid valve commissioning / operating permanent magnet for manual operation, checking, testing or manual over ride for high pressure and large process solenoid operated valves. This magnet replaces the solenoid valve coil and operates the solenoid valve without electrical power. Can be used as a solenoid manual over ride converting the valve to a manually operation when placed on a solenoid valve stem (with solenoid coil removed) causing the solenoid valve to move into the energised position. A must have for any serious maintenance engineer.

Keep well away from heart pacemakers and magnetically stored data (computer discs, credit cards, audio and visual computer tapes) as stored data can be corrupted even by relatively week magnetic fields and some equipment can be damaged by stronger fields.
Ensure electrical power is switched off before removing solenoid coil, place magnet over valve stem, you will hear a click which is the solenoid valve moving into the energised position.

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