Seal kit for direct acting pressure reducing + sustaining valves

Brand: Z-Tide Valves

Model: KIT-RET

Width 100.00
Height 10.00
Length 100.00

£50.10 £50.10
Price Ex Vat: £41.75

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NBR and Viton seal kits to suit RET + REF Z-Tide pressure reducing valve and RFT + RFF pressure sustaining valves manufactured from 2020 onwards.

Consists of:
U Ring, UH Ring, sealing spacer and body O Rings

Select valve size and seal material, NBR or Viton.

1/2" RET15S, REF15S, RFT15S, RFF-15S use KIT-RET-15S
3/4" RET20S, REF20S, RFT20S, RFF20S use KIT-RET-20S
1" RET25S, REF25S, RFT25S, RFF25S use KIT-RET-25S
11/2" RET40S, REF40S, RFT40S, RFF40S use KIT-RET-40S
2" RET50S, REF50S, RFT50S, RFF50S use KIT-RET-50S

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