11/4 BSP Motor actuated UPVC ball valve Open/Close + Failsafe ABV12P-E2-MO

Brand: Connexion ®

Model: ABV12P-E2-MO

Width 92.60
Height 156.80
Length 144.00

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11/4 inch motor actuated UPVC ball valve ABV12P-MO.
Torque: 16-27NM
Cycle life: 70,000 open/close
Power: 10 Watts
Open or close time: 10 seconds
Protection: IP67
Mounting: ISO5211 F03 + F05
Temperature: -15°C to +60°C ambient
Voltages: 12vDC-24vDC+24vAC or 110-240vAC with multi voltage technology.
Control option: Failsafe closed, Failsafe Open or Power Open/Power Close.

Visual position indication
Manual Override (with Allen key provided)
E2 position feed back switches. Volt free, no voltage is supplied from the actuator. Rated voltage 36v or 220v, 0.4 Amp Max.

Ball valve:
Double Union Ended 11/4" BSP thread, option NPT or metric solvent ends.
Bore: 32mm
Body: UPVC
Pressure: 0 to 10 Bar
Temperature rating +2°C to +90°C Max
Seals: PTFE with EPDM, option PTFE with FKM
Media: air, water, oil, fluids and gases compatible with materials of construction.

Options to choose:
a. Failsafe Closed = Power +ve Red and -ve Black valve will open - Power OFF valve will automatically close with reserve power.

b. Failsafe Open = Power +ve Red and -ve Black valve will close, Power OFF will automatically Open with reserve power.

Failsafe actuators require 30 second power ON to charge reserve power.
Will draw less than 0.5 Watt when powered and not moving.
E2 volt free open + closed position feedback 3 wires (Green/Yellow/White)

c. Power Open/Power Close = Connect Red +ve and Black -ve, Green is the control wire.
Power +ve to GREEN valve opens or remove power from GREEN valve closes.
E2 volt free open + closed position feedback 4 wires (Blue+Grey and Yellow+White)

Destruction Test.
On the 1st November 2020 at around 5PM we connected an ABV-E2-MO/9AR to a dry 11/2 BSP stainless steel ball valve with 12-24vDC-24vAC failsafe closed actuator. Then we connected our SVDT22 (digital cycle timer) set to 1 cycle every 60 seconds (30 sec power ON Open then 30 Sec power off to Close) 24/7 all day all night non-stop. (Except holidays)

In October 2022 the valve finally failed after 977,762 open and close cycles.

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