IO Link Connector Form A DIN EN 175301-803 24vDC

Brand: Nass Magnet GmbH

Model: 611-202-0507

Width 27.30
Height 24.00
Length 62.00

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Form A Predictive Maintenance Connector with IO-link monitors coil voltage, current and temperature with integrated timer and PWM power reduction. Alerting users by text, E mail and with LED light when set parameters are exceeded.

Be informed before a failure and breakdown!!

Nass Magnet Model 611-202-0507.

Connected valves can be remotely controlled and monitored via the IO network interface by the master. Diagnostic data for the connector, solenoid coil and valve system can be retrieved, monitored and connected to cloud-based systems.

IO-Link interface
DIN norm interface valve connector
Quick and easy connection
Status monitoring, RGB LED
Power saving with PWM mode
Parameterization through software
Double switching cycle counter
Diagnostic data
Event messages
Data storage
Off-line mode
pre-programmed timer and/or PWM
Supply voltage: 24vDC 0.5 Amp Maximum

Overview - Technical Data

Series: Type A according to DIN EN 175301-803
Connection: M12-connector (3-pole)
Cable: Unshielded 3 core (shielding not required for digital data transfer, unlike analogue systems).
Nominal voltage: 24VDC (10-30 VDC)
Output power max. 500 mA (depending on the master)
Internal consumption: <10 mA
Interface: IO-Link V1.1
IO-Link master port type: Class A
Cycle time: 2.8 ms
Process data: 1/1 byte
Pin layout:
Pin 1: 24V
Pin 3: 0V
Pin 4: Switching and communication power (C/Q) (IEC 60974-5-2)

Smart data transfer:
Using IO-Link protocol, the connector continuously communicates process data with the master and allows electrical signals from the connected valve system to be checked. This makes it possible to detect whether the valve system is electrically pulled, whether it is energized.

By IO link asynchronous, on-request data transfer includes supply voltage, output current, switch on resistance, power consumption and coil temperature.

The Nass Magnet IO link connector communicates using mode COM 2. This enables the transmission of the actual process signal as well as the transmission of switching signals and diagnostic messages. COM 2 has a transmission rate of 38.4k baud and can transmit 8-8 bits of process data to the controller every 2.8 ms.

Integrated switching cycle counter.
The device has two built-in counters as a limit for warnings.

Industry 4.0 - Preventive maintenance
To monitor the product lifecycle, the smart connector can detect and store switching cycles. To observe the whole lifecycle there is one counter, which can not be reset and another one which can be set up by the user.
There is a possibility to every counter and to almost every measured parameter to set a limit. In case of reaching this threshold, an automatic event can be generated to handle them in higher levels.
Thanks to the switching cycle counter in connectors, failures can be prevented and product life cycles analysed.

Power-saving PWM mode
To reduce the power consumption of the connected solenoid coil, smart connector offers PWM mode. The Pulse Width Modulation mode allows regulating the output current.
Switch on time can be set up to maximum 2,000 milliseconds to ensure the perfect pull-in of the valve. In this phase, the coil receives the full power. After switch-on time, the PWM mode is activated.
Once the required power reduction cycle is programmed via IO-Link into the smart connector where these settings are retained without requiring constant IO Link.

Smart automatic - Diagnostic data
The IO-Link connector has numerous diagnostic data:

- Supply voltage
- Output current
- Load resistance
- Power consumption of the solenoid coil
- Own temperature
- Switch-on time of the valve

Status signal - Multicolour RGB LED
Customize your smart connector!
Different output states can have different LED colours.

The "Find me" mode
The Nass Magnet smart connector can be switched to a "Find me" mode. This mode is useful if the solenoid coil, the valve system or the connector itself (assuming it is still electrically powered) should fail. An integrated RGB LED now indicates the location of the connector to be checked by the maintenance service by flashing in 7 different colours.

Data storage - Configuration memory
The configured parameters of the connector are stored in the data storage and can be read out from the affected connector and transferred to the replacement product in case of a failure, saving time and cost in case of replacement.

Quality guarantee
Quality management certified to IATF 16949:2016 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Focus on ISO 45001
Best quality awareness by Nass Magnet production-system (NPS)
Efficient project management by VDA standards
Extensive qualifications as per ISO 16750, VDE 0580 or customer standards.

You will also need an IODD file to set it up, which can be downloaded here: (Copy link into browser)

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