Latching Solenoid Coil Core 14.6mm, H 42mm, W 30mm, L 39mm 6-12vDC

Brand: Connexion

Model: 22003L

Width 30.00
Height 42.00
Length 39.00

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Latching (bi-stable) Solenoid Valve Coil System 13/30
With built-in residual magnet, simply fit to 2/2 normally closed solenoid valve to convert to latching (bi-stable) function.

Voltage: 6vDC or 12vDC
Bore: 14.6mm, top plate 10mm
Height: 42mm
Width: 30mm
Length: 39mm
Class F, protection according to EN 60529 IP65 with connector.
Connection: according to: DIN EN 175301803-A
Material: Thermoset resin
Voltage tolerance: -10% to +10%
Ambient Temperature: -20°C +50°C
Voltage: any 6vDC to 12vDC (resistance 2.8Ω)
Pulse time: 5-20 millisecond power pulse valve stays open, reverse polarity power pulse valve will stay closed.
Ideal for battery powered and low power systems.

Fits all Shako PU225A brass 2/2, PU225D WRAS 2/2, SPU225A stainless 2/2 and PU225S steam series solenoid valves.

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