Solenoid valve Cyclic Timers 24-240v ISOA (Square fitment) SVT22

Brand: Connexion

Model: SVT22

Width 42.60
Height 19.70
Length 71.00

£40.00 £69.41
Price Ex Vat: £33.33

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Din mounted cycle repeat timers for solenoid valve ISO 42650A (Square fitment both sides) repeat cyclic timers that fits directly onto a solenoid valve between the coil and connector, for solenoid valves 24 volt to 240 volt. Standard Adjustable ON-time and adjustable OFF-time
Other special options include:
Single Shot timer - adjustable on-time and then indefinate OFF-time.
Delay Timer - Adjustable OFF time and then indefinate ON-time.
Delayed repeat cycle - Adjustable OFF-time and then adjustable ON-time.

Equivalent To

720-01-471, 720-01-075, 720-01-469, 720-01-470, 720-01-068, 720-01-200, 720-01-014
720 solenoid timer uk, 720 790 timer
jorc d lux timer

User Reviews

McPherson on May 30, 2018

Took a little finding on such a big store, but now that I have cracked it I better understand the layout, I should pay more attention to the other products tab!!. anyway, easy to select time, pictures are OK but could do with improving, service is excellent, price is fine, quality of product very good much better than expected - hence I suggest you improve the pictures. Thanks for your prompt delivery. Alex.