Flanged DN10-80 Angle Seat Piston Valve 0-16 Bar 2/2 Way

Brand: Connexion

Model: ASPVF

Width 100.00
Height 138.00
Length 172.00

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Flanged Pneumatic angle body piston valve ASPVSS-F
Function: 2/2 way normally closed with visual position indicator, option normally open.
Operation: 5 to 8 Bar compressed air pilot (1/8 BSP, DN65+80 1/4 BSP )
Pressure 0 to 16 Bar (flow over seat) or 0 to 8 Bar (flow under seat offering anti water hammer)
Port: DN10 to DN80 PN16 flange, option JIS10K or ANSI150Lb
Body: 316 stainless steel
Internals: 316 stainless steel
Media Temperature: -10°C to +200°C Max
Ambient temperature: +5°C to +60°C
Orifice: 10.0mm to 80.0mm according to port size
KV flow factor: 90 to 2667 L/min according to orifice.
Seals: PTFE, option FKM and NBR
Media: air, water, vacuum, steam, thick glutinous fluids up to 600 CST, corrosive acid and alkali's compatible with 316 stainless steel and PTFE.
Actuator head: 304 stainless steel, option Polycarbonate
Actuator seals: FKM
Actuator sizes: 40mm to 125mm

Open position proximity switch (PS)
Open and closed mechanical position feed back switches with LED (E2)
Modulating Controller LED Indication 4-20mA IP65 (M1)
Modulating Controller LED Screen 4-20mA ATEX IP66 (M2)

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