YD Air Filters Elements

Brand: Connexion

Model: YD-elements

Width 564.00
Height 212.00
Length 164.00

£62.10 £82.80
Price Ex Vat: £51.75

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11/2 2 3 inch Coalescing and activated filter elements YD
11/2 inch filter element YD068 & YD145
2 inch filter element YD220, YD260, YD330, YD360 & YD405
3 inch filter element YD430 & YD620
Standard filter elements AR=1um dust, AAR=0.01um dust.
Coalescing filter elements: PF=5um, AO=1um 0.5ppm residual oil, AA=0.01um 0.01ppm residual oil, AX=0.01um 0.001ppm residual oil,
Activated carbon filter elements ACS=active carbon 0.003ppm residual oil

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