Dust, Coalescing & Activated Carbon filters 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 & 3

Brand: Connexion

Model: YD-Filters

Width 564.00
Height 212.00
Length 164.00

£178.20 £237.60
Price Ex Vat: £148.50

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Coalescing< Activated Carbon and Dust Filter units Series YD
Port: 2, 21/2 or 3 BSP
Body: strong die cast aluminium housing
Working Pressure: 16 Bar
Max Pressure: can withstand 32 Bar for 96 hours
Burst pressure: 90 Bar
Service life: 15 years, 6000 to 8000 hours
Temperature: +1.5C to +80C
All filters are cleaned and degreased then given anti corrosion treatment before painting, suitable for offshore use.

Filter Element Options:
PF - coalescing 5μ micron
AO - coalescing 1μ Micron
AA + AX Coalescing 0.01μ Micron
ACS - Activated Carbon
AR - Dust 1μ Micron
AAR - Dust 0.01μ Micron (AAR).

Filter Element Structure
1. FPM sealing ring before and after air filter for better efficiency
2. Stainless steel supporting layer for strength and rigidity to guarantee filtration accuracy
3. 96% porosity for dust retention, long life span and low pressure difference 0.17 to 0.25 Bar not exceeding 0.65 Bar,
4. PA and GF element cover gives effective free deformation from -20C to +240C up to 18 Bar and can resist acid and alkali chemical corrosion poor quality air supply and has extreme oleophobic and hydrophobolic abilities
5. inside and outside stainless steel supporting layers protect GF during production and avoid damage due to rust particles and secondary air contamination
6. high quality special outer material will condense most water oil air born particles.

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