3/4 or 1 inch Filter Regulator Lubricator 316 Stainless 60 Bar USFR/L-06-08

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: USFR/L06-08

Width 70.50
Height 243.00
Length 116.00

£1,478.56 £2,240.24
Price Ex Vat: £1,232.13

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3/4 1 inch Stainless steel air filter regulator lubricator USFR/L06-08

Pressure: Inlet 60 Bar Max, Tested: 60 Bar.
Pressure: Outlet adjustable 0.5 to 12 Bar (USFR/LB) or 12 to 28 Bar (USFR).
Port: 3/4 or 1 BSP thread, option NPT or Rc thread
Body: 316 stainless steel
Bowls: 316 stainless steel
Regulator: Piston 316 stainless steel
Filter elements: 5 or 40 micron 316 stainless
Spring: SUS303 (0.5-12 Bar), Alloy Steel (12-28 Bar)
Seals: Viton
Drain: semi automatic, option manual or fully automatic (full auto 10 Bar Max)
Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
Option: Bowl viewer (Window) 0.5 to 12 Bar (USFR/LB only).

Flow: 7600, 8000 L/min (ANR) 0.5 to 12 Bar according to port size
Flow: 15200 L/min (ANR) 12 to 28 Bar
Accuracy: 8 to 12 Bar (+/- 2% FSD), 12 to 30 Bar (+/- 3% FSD)
Weight: 7960g
Filter bowl: 200cc
Lubricator bowl: 220cc

Supplied boxed and fully assembled with pressure gauge, blanking plug, mounting bracket and 2x mounting screws.

Can be supplied to FDA standards with REACH 579 food grade lubricant.

Metallic parts meet NACE Standard MR-01-75.

Can be supplied according to ATEX Annex 1 Ex II 2GD c T6, Verification module Annex VIII of 2014/34/EU, harmonised standards EN ISO 80079-36:2016, EN ISO 80079-37:2016.

The USFR/L06-08 high quality and performance is a result of more than 50 years manufacturing experience and dedication to total reliability.

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