2 inch 2/2 way piston operated angle seat valve N/Closed

Brand: Connexion

Model: ASPV50SS

Width 92.00
Height 230.00
Length 138.00

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Price Ex Vat: £168.00

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2 inch Pneumatic angle body piston valve 2/2 way normally closed, Pressure 0 to 16 Bar, Temperature +200ºC Max Port 2 BSP or NPT, Sealing PTFE, Orifice 50mm with KV of 1183 liters a minute, Body and internals 316 Stainless, Actuator 304 stainless. The ASPV50SS angle seat piston valve is suitable for air, water, vacuum, steam, light oil, heavy oil, aggressive and corrosive acid and alkali media and thick glutinous fluids up to 600 centistokes. Anti water hammer design with flow under seat Pressure 0 to 8 Bar.

Equivalent To

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Assured automation J4SPG2349, J9SPG2349, J4CPG2149, J9CPG2149, J4CPG2349, J9CPG2349
Burkert angle seat control valve 001601a, 001251a, 001401s, 001293j, bur-001593,2000, bur-001251, bur-001601, bur-001401,2702, 165543, 165520, 462106, 462100, 462106, 462100, 507152, 507146
Control Valve angle seat piston valve j9spg2309, j9cpg2109, jpcpg2309, j4spg2309, j4cpg2309,
Danfoss externally operated 2/2 way angle seat valve type 042n4411, 042n4459
ERA 2045D05-CNBB091-03000-02, 2045D05-CFBB091-04000-02 and 2045D05-CFBB091-05000-02
Festo VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-430-H3B1-50-3, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-430-H3B1-50-4, 1002511, 1002510, 3535838, VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-430-M1-H3B1T-50-3, 3535837, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-430-M1-H3B1T-50-4, 3536436, VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-430-M1-H3ALT-80-5, 3536435, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-430-M1-H3ALT-80-16, 3540796, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-430-H3ALV-80-V, 1002523, VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-450-M1-V4V4T-50-3, 1002522, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-450-M1-V4V4T-50-4, 1002532, VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-450-M1-V4V4T-80-5, 1002531, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-450-M1-V4V4T-80-12, 3540146, VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-450-M1-V4B2T-50-3, 3540145, VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G2-450-M1-V4B2T-50-4
3540277, VZXF-L-M22C-M-B-G2-450-M1-V4ANT-80-5
Granzow, PAMX50, PAMX50-90
GSR A6328/1101, A6328/0804
m&m, vflow, angle seat piston valve, cg210stj00, bcg210stj00, pg210stj00, bpg210stj00, bcg210stj00, bcg210ltj00, dcg210stj00, bpg210stj00, bpj210ltj00, dpg210stj00, pg210ltj00
Norgren Herion Bushjost solenoid valve 8228700.0000.00000, 8450700.0000.00000, 8218700.0000.00000
ODE solenoid valve 21ia9t50gc2, 21ia9t50nc2
OMAL, J4SPG2309, J4CPG2309, J9SPG230
Parker, PA50S1N9S063A, PA50S1N9S080A, PA50S1N9S100A, PA50S1N9R063S, PA50S1N9R080S, PA50S1N9R100S, PA50SAN9S100A, PA50SAN9R100S
RSG 2043D05-MBBG091-03000-02, 2043D05-MBBB091-03000-02, 2043D05-MFBG091-04000-02, 2043D05-MFBB091-04000-02
Burkert 2031 series threaded, 2, 135580, 141607, 135587, 141608, 143097, 143096, 135594, 141613
Spirax Sarco PF61G-2NC-2, PF51G-2NC-2, PF61G-3NC-2, PF51G-3NC-2

User Reviews

Terry on Jun 8, 2015

No problems at all, unlike our previous people. Good quality 2" steam valve, well documented and presented, helpful technical sales, great service. All in very satisfied. Terry.