Electrical Connector Form A with 11-89% Energy Saving IP65 12-24vDC

Brand: Nass Magnet GmbH

Model: DIN2-PWM

Width 28.00
Height 31.00
Length 28.00

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Form A EN 175301-803 12-24vDC Pulse Width Modulating 11% to 89% energy saving electrical DIN connector. Nass Magnet 611-201-0100

PWM connector will fully energise the valve solenoid to achieve full inrush current. Then after approximately 100 milliseconds, the PWM circuit reduces the full voltage to a reliable holding power that needs to be adjusted using the 321 jumpers to the holding power required by the solenoid valve coil.

This achieves considerable energy saving, reduces coil heat rise and extends solenoid coil life.

PWM modulating connector jumper settings for the Hold Power Saving
000..11%, 001..22%, 010..33%, 011..44%, 100..56%, 101..67%, 110..78%, 111..89%

Simplified guide to setting up.
With the pipe system at full load / pressure, reduce the power in single stages until the coil fails to operate correctly, then go back one step.
Example starting with (111) 89% power, then (110) 78%, (101) 67% and (100) 56%, then (011) 44% coil stops so go back to (100) 56%.

The power reduction is accomplished through pulses with adjustable modulation via relocation of the electrical jumpers for changes in the output voltage. (default setting 11%)
Operating voltage: vdc = 12-24vDC
Maximum current = 1 Amp
Delay = ca. 175 ms
Switching Frequency = 3.1 Khz at 24vDC,
Pulse Ratio of PWM signal = 8 variations,
Polarity sensitive = Yes
Overvoltage protection = No.

For optimum performance, the solenoid coil technical data and electrical parameters must be observed. The PWM circuit includes a protecting diode at the output, eliminating the switch off power surges from the solenoid coil.
Additional protecting components such as VDR and TVS diodes are not required.

Quick Overview
Form: A (Pin Distance 18mm, with circuit with electronics – PWM, Housing: Transparent, One Piece M20x1.5mm Thread, Manufacturer: Nass Magnet
More Information
Grommets for 6–8 mm and 8–10 mm cable diameter, Terminal block: 2 + ground, clamping contact without protecting plate, Electronics: PWM circuit for power sawing, 12–24VDC, NBR profile gasket, black, Standard central fixing screw, Not assembled and single packed in a plastic bag.

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