Electrical Connector Form A ISO4400 Bridge Rectifier Red LED + VDR

Brand: Nass Magnet GmbH


Width 28.00
Height 31.00
Length 28.00

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DIN43650A square electrical connector with full bridge rectifier + LED for solenoid valves
Connection: DIN ISO4400 Form A DIN 43650A 28mm square
Voltage: 12, 24, 48, 120 or 230 volt
Current: 1 Amp maximum
Design: standard 2 Piece Black Polyamide PA6 GF30 housing with clear cover
Circuit: Full bridge rectifier (Converts AC 50/60Hz to DC) RED LED and VDR varistor with bipolar circuit protection. Drop off delay Max 3mSec power consumption 5mAmp Maximum Resistance 4 mOhm maximum. Option Yellow or Green LED
Conduit entry: PG9 (cable 6 to 8mm) or M20x1.5mm with grommet removed
Seals: NBR LABS-free 6 Grommet, gasket and cover gasket), max Wire Connection: clamping contact Wire 0.5 to 1.5mm, with wire protecting plate. Resistance 4 mOhm Max.
Position: ground (Earth) position 12h (can be adjusted to 3h, 6h or 9h),
Central fixing screw: steel 4.8 zinc plated
Contacts: CuZn, Sn/Cu plated
Temperature: -25°C to +125°C
Circuit 09
611-201-0308 24v without wire protection element
611-201-0919, 110v with wire protection element
611-201-0309, 230v with wire protection element

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