Silent Check Valve 316 Stainless Flange DN50-DN300 16 Bar CHF-SS

Brand: Z-Tide Valves Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: CHF-SS

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Silent Check Valve 316 stainless steel with full flow design PN16 flange sizes DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250 and DN300 and has a max working pressure of 20 Bar and is pressure tested to 35 Bar. The design of the CHF-SS full flow non return valve offers full uninhibited water flow as the water pressure does not need to push against and lift the check valve gate. The hang type heavy duty convex plug will automatically locate and positively seal and can adjust the close position of the plug regardless of system pressure and with the unique U ring sealing offering excellent sealing characteristics across all pressures. This CHF-SS 316 stainless steel silent check valve applied temperature is -15ºC to 80ºC making this valve very reliable and flexible to your needs offering full flow silent flow direction control utilising positive V ring sealing.

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