1/8 1/4 Brass Solenoid Valve 0-300 Bar 2/2 N/Closed EN52001

Brand: ERA SIB

Model: EN52001

Width 40.00
Height 92.00
Length 40.00

£258.66 £386.05
Price Ex Vat: £215.55

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High pressure miniature brass solenoid valve Pressure 0 to 300 Bar, Function 2/2 way normally closed, Operation direct acting, Orifice 0.7mm Cv flow 0.175 litres a minute, Port sizes 1/8 model EN52001 or 1/4 model EN52000, Thread BSP or NPT, Sealing PTFE with choice of NBR, FKM or EPDM, media air or inert gas. Opening / closing time 40 milli seconds maximum. Control voltage 12vdc or 24vdc, Protection IP65, Coil class F 155°C power 14 watts. Options: manual over ride 1/8 port model EN52002, 1/4 port model EN52004, Options: ATEX EExdIICT6 explosion proof 1/8 port model EN52003 or 1/4 port model EN52005

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