Solenoid Valve Coil Core 15mm, H 38.5mm, W 40mm, L 46.5mm, 31037

Brand: ERA SIB

Model: 31037

Width 46.50
Height 38.50
Length 40.00

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Solenoid Valve coil dimensions Core 15mm
Bore: 15mm
Height: 38.5mm
Width: 40mm
Length: 46.5mm
Coil: ISO 43650A Class F IP65 Coil series 31037 T40/15 13.7watt.
These replacement bobbines/ elctr omagnets available voltages and power levels are,
31037-42 12vDC 13.7 watt
31037-43 24vdc 13.7 watt
31037-44 48vdc 13.7 watt
31037-9 230vAC 50/60Hz inrush 50VA holding 21VA.

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