Coalescing or Activated Carbon Filters UMF 1/4 to 1 BSP

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: UMF

Width 64.00
Height 212.00
Length 64.00

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Price Ex Vat: £69.27

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Coalescing or Activated carbon filter sets UMF

Port: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 BSP thread, option NPT or Rc thread
Filter element: coalescing 0.01 micron standard, option 0.1 micron or activated carbon.
Visual status gauge: 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 poppet gauge, 3/4 and 1 inch needle gauge
Bowl: Polycarbonate standard, option anti-acid/alkali or aluminium bowl
Pressure: 0.5 to 10 Bar, tested 15 Bar
Temperature: 0°C to +60°C
Drain: semi-automatic standard, option manual drain.
Flow: 2050, 2100, 2150, 3800 or 3850 L/min according to port size.

Coalescing 0.01μ filter (Red element) removes any remaining oil, water and particles larger than 0.00001mm.
Activated charcoal filter (GREEN element) removes any biological particles and any remaining oil vapour and odours giving technically absolutely clean air to give filtration down to 0.003ppm for the highest demanding air applications.

With over 50 years of filter manufacturing experience, the UMF series filter has been developed to exceed the requirements of clean compressed air systems and incorporates a unique visual filter element status gauge, so users can visually see the filter status for additional safety. Quick safety release bowls allow for quick and easy element replacement.

This filter system does not remove CO Carbon Monoxide or CO2 Carbon Dioxide.

Supplied boxed ready to use with mounting bracket and screws.

User Reviews

Dimery on Mar 1, 2017

Good delivery, was worried after seeing previous review but you obviously stock them now. Good quality product and very good service.

Borenshtein on Mar 21, 2016

This is a good Coalescing air filter. Delivery was a little slow at 2 weeks, but it was on time. Quality excellent. Support very good. Price excellent. Suggest you keep stock of these as they are a well priced quality Coalescing BA filter. Rgds Borenshtein.

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