3 water Irrigation Solenoid Valve 6-40vDC 2/2 latching PN22528AL

Brand: Connexion

Model: PN22528AL

Width 111.00
Height 159.00
Length 257.00

£108.38 £216.76
Price Ex Vat: £90.32

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3" Water irrigation Solenoid Valve 2/2 way latching 6volt to 40vDC made from a strong heavy duty glass filled PA66 corrosion and UV resistant body, pressure rated 0.7 bar (10psi) to 10 Bar (150psi) fitted with removable metering pin for easy cleaning and external bleed screw for ease of use and a ultra strong convex design anti water hammer high flow NBR diaphragm and IP66 solenoid with retained plunger assembly so if the solenoid is removed no small parts are lost. All specifically designed for long term reliable trouble free water control in irrigation systems, underground water systems, agricultural sprinkler systems, landscaping and green house water systems. These plastic water general purpose solenoid valves require any 6volt up to 40vDC power supply, short electrical power pulse will stay open, reverse polarity pulse will close and stay closed. Max ambient +60C (140F).

Equivalent To

Hunter ICV 3 BSPF solenoid valve