1/2 female Water solenoid valve 0.2-10 Bar Nylon 6v Latching 5105BB

Brand: RPE srl

Model: 5105BB

Width 38.50
Height 72.22
Length 65.30

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1/2 inch latching / bi-stable water solenoid valve WRAS approved RPE 5105BB
Function: 2/2 way latching / bi-stable (20 millisecond pulse max)
Operation: Pressure assisted (Requires Min 0.2 Bar pressure difference)
Port: 1/2 BSP female thread.
Pressure: 0.2 to 10 Bar
Orifice: 11.0mm
Kv flow factor: 25.81 L/Min based on water with 1 Bar pressure difference.
Body: Nylon white good grade GF
Coil: R 2.25 Watts IP00 with 6.3x0.8mm faston tags
Voltage: 6vDC (375mAmp 15 to 20 millisecond pulse), will accept 9 volt and 12 volt with shorter pulse.

Approvals: WRAS, KTW and DM174 for drinking water production, transfer and storage, ACS health compliance certificate, ENEC European Norms Electrical Certification, CSV (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), MOCA FCM (Food Contact Materials), NSF food certification for public health protection and option for UL Underwriter Laboratories certified.

This RPE R Mini 510 solenoid valve requires short (15 millisecond) low power pulse to stay open and then a short reverse polarity (15 millisecond) power pulse to cancel the internal magnet for the valve to close thus reducing the power required.
Repeating this process to open and close.

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