RPE PWM coil protector heat reducing energy saving adaptor

Brand: RPE srl

Model: P024000001

Width 240.00
Height 2.00
Length 170.00

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Price Ex Vat: £22.00

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RPE Pulse Width Modulating circuit board
Offers 60% energy saving, 50% heat reduction, reduction in electro magnetic pollution (EMC) is easily installed onto existing RPE solenoid valves with direct faston tag push fitting available 24vdc or 230vAC.
Inrush time: 500ms +/- 5%
In rush current: 480mA +/- 5%
Peak current: (10mS): 800mA +/-5%
Start up time: 2 mS +/- 5%
Stop time(output fall time): 100 µs +/- 5%
Load inductance: 110 mH +/- 5%
24vDC, P024000001
230vAC, P230000001

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