Elektrogas VMR solenoid coils

Brand: Elektrogas

Model: VMR1930

Width 46.00
Height 164.00
Length 96.00

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Price Ex Vat: £39.93

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Elektrogas Solenoid Coils / heads to suit VMR auto reset EN161 Class 1 gas safety shut off solenoid valves 200millibar.

Coil for VMR010 1/4 inch Gas Solenoid Valve (ID 13/9.5, H39, W29.5mm) (8VA)
VMR1930.2070 230vAC
VMR1930.2085 24vDC
VMR1930.2090 12vDC

Coil for VMR120 1/2 Brass Gas Solenoid Valve (ID13, H38.5, W36mm) (18VA)
VMR1930.2101 230vAC
VMR1930.2151 24vDC
VMR1930.2171 12vDC

Coil for VMR12 1/2 Aluminium Gas Solenoid Valve (25VA)
VMR1930.2110 230vAC/DC

Coil for VMR22 3/4 and VMR32 1" Gas Solenoid Valve (25VA)
VMR1930.1311 230vAC/DC

Coil for VMR352 11/4, VMR42 11/2 and VMR62 2" Gas Solenoid Valve (30VA/120 Watts)
VMR1930.1416 230vAC/DC
VMR1930.1452 24vAC/DC
VMR62 2" Gas valves must not change coil voltage

Coil for VMR72 21/2 inch and VMR82 3 inch Gas Solenoid Valve (45VA/180 Watts)
VMR1930.1812 230vAC/DC
VMR1930.1832 110vAC/DC
VMR1930.1852 24vAC/DC

Coil for VMR92 4 inch Gas Solenoid Valve (70VA/280 Watts)
VMR1930.1912 230vAC/DC
VMR92 4 inch Gas valves must not change coil voltage

Coil for VMR932 5 inch and VMR952 6 inch Gas Solenoid Valve (80VA/320 Watts)
VMR1930.1990 230vAC/DC

Typically stocked in 230vAC, for 12 volt, 24 volt, 110 volt, ATEX, and higher pressure 360mBar or 500mBar please ask.

** VMR62 and VMR92 cannot accept coil with different voltage.

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