1/4 Plastic Solenoid Valve Acid/Alkali 0-2.5 Bar 2/2 N/Closed PPA1

Brand: Baccara

Model: PPA1

Width 30.00
Height 84.50
Length 66.00

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1/4" BSP/NPT 2/2 way Normally Closed PPA solenoid valve with dry armature or isolating diaphragm for use with very aggressive and corrosive acid and alkali media (But NOT Chlorine). The PPA1 pressure range 0 to 2.5 Bar, Seal options EPDM, FKM or silicone, orifice 4.5mm givinga Kv flow factor of 5 litres a minute. The PPA1 Dry Armature Miniature Solenoid Valve is fited with a 10 Watt IP65 Class F DIN43650A coil as standard which is available in most voltages, with option for a low power 5.5 Watt coil for low pressure applications. Ideally suited for KNO3 Potassium Nitrate Fertiliser.

Equivalent To

ODE solenoid valve 21sbgs4e30, 21sbgs4e50
Baccara solenoid valve PPA1