1/4 16mm PVC PTFE PVDF Valve acid alkali 0-6 Bar N/Closed 111

Brand: RSG

Model: 111

Width 30.00
Height 97.00
Length 45.00

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Price Ex Vat: £164.99

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Plastic solenoid valve Model 111 Normally Closed 1/4 BSP or NPT or 16mm cement spigot is a 2/2 way normally closed miniature plastic solenoid valve designed for use on very aggressive and corrisive media. The 111 series plastic solenoid valve has a dry armature or isolated diaphragm construction and is available in PVC, PTFE or PVDF bodies offering a pressure range from 0 to 6 Bar. The Dry Armature Miniature Plastic Solenoid Valve, ideal for strong very aggressive media acids and alkali's and is available quickly in most voltages and materials.

Equivalent To

Burkert 23472, 23473, 69006, 133109, 133513, 59802, 208923, 121731, 161089, 208923, 229678
RSG 1112P1KSE, 1112291KSF, 1114P1KSE, 1114P1KSF, 1116P1KSE, 1116P1KSF, 1112P3SSE, 1112P3SSF, 1114P3SSE, 1114P3SSF, 1116P3SSE, 1116P3SSF, 1112P4G14E, 1112P4G14F, 1114P4G14E, 1114P4G14F, 1116P4G14E, 1116P4G14F