1/2 WRAS Solenoid Valve 0-7 Bar 2/2 N/Closed Brass PU220D-04

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: PU220D-04

Width 48.00
Height 101.00
Length 66.50

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1/2 BSP WRAS approved Brass solenoid valve 2/2 way normally closed with anti water hammer design, Pressure 15 watt coil: 0 to 7 Bar (AC voltage) or 0 to 6 Bar (DC Voltage), Pressure 18.5 watt coil: 0 to 10 Bar, Coils are Nass Magnet Class H IP65 CE DIN43650A 100% duty rated and supplied with IP65 electrical connector as standard. Voltages 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc, 110vdc, 220vdc or 12vac, 24vac, 48vac, 110vac, 220vac, 230vac, 240vac or 380vac 50/60hz.
This Shako PU220D-04 Brass Assisted Lift or Zero Rated solenoid valve has a 13mm orifice giving a Kv flow factor of 59L/Min based on water with a 1 bar pressure difference, i.e. inlet pressure is 1 bar higher than outlet pressure, more flow can be achieved with higher pressure difference.
WRAS Certificate Number 1704353, tested and approved until April 2022. Test procedure 200,000 open and close cycles at 7 Bar +90ºC hot and 25ºC cold water, then a final 10.5 Bar pressure leak and function test.

Equivalent To

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