MF520 Manifold 2 to 10 Station 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: MF520

Width 80.00
Height 25.70
Length 186.00

£6.49 £10.82
Price Ex Vat: £5.41

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MF520 Manifold complete with gaskets and mounting screws.
1/8" MF520-01 + number of stataions suitable for AM520-01, AM530-01, SA520-01

1/4" MFB520-02 + number of stations suitable for PU520-02S, PU520-02D and PU530-02D, BM520-02, BM530-02, SK520-02

3/8" MF520-03 + number of stations suitable for PU520-03S, PU520-03D and PU530-03D, SK520-03

1/2" MF520-04 + number of stations suitable for PU520-04S, PU520-*04D and PU530-04D, SK520-03

Please note this is only the manifold and does not include the valve, if you require the valve please check the related products below.

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