Solenoid Coil Core 16.1mm, H 50mm, W 37.5mm, L 37.5mm M16

Brand: Amisco

Model: M16

Width 37.50
Height 50.00
Length 37.50

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M16 Solenoid coil ISO 43650A with Class F windings (155C), IP65 protection (with connector) dimensions: Core/ID 16.1mm, Height 50mm, Width/diameter 37.5mm. This M16 solenoid coil is available from stock in the following voltages, 12vDC, 24vDC, 48vDC, 125vDC or 24vAC, 110vAC or 230volt AC 50/60Hz. This higher power solenoid coil can be found on many hydraulic valve systems and solenoid valves.
Power consumption DC 26 Watts, AC 50/60 Hz = Inrush 70VA Holding 35VA, resistance 12vdc 5.6 Ohms 2.14 Amps, 24vdc 22 Ohms 1.1 Amps, 110vAC 420 Ohms 0.27 Amps and 220vAC 1600 Ohms 0.12 Amps.

Equivalent To

Amisco EVI3PM16, A04/2-110vac35VA, EVi13P16D, EVI13P16D48v 26W, 3P16DD12501ZN 125vdc, EVI3P/16 125vdc 26 watts
Baumann 110263
Comatrol, M16 coil, M16-12D-26W-DN, M16-24D-26W-DN, M16-110A-22W-DN,M16-110A-26W-DN,M16-220A-20W-DN, M16-220A-23W-DN, M16-12D-26W-AJ, M16-24D-AJ, M16-12D-26W-AJD, M16-24D-26w-AJD, M16-12D-26W-AS, M16-24D-26w-AS,M16-12D-26W-ASD, M16-24D-26w-ASD,M16-12D-26W-DE, M16-24D-26w-DE,M16-12D-26W-DED, M16-24D-26w-DED, M16-12D-26W-FL, M16-24D-26w-FL, M16-12D-26W-FLD, M16-24D-26w-FLD, M16
Erstatter, 171110419, 171146019, M16-24D-26W-DN
HydraForce 6356024 Solenoid Valve Coil, 5/8" bore
Hydraulic, 48volt C155171112119, (bar code 5704334370246) coil printed 171112119, 12volt C15517114581 (bar code 5704334370215) coil printed 17114581, 24volt C155171146019, bar code (5704334370307), coil printed 171146019, 110volt C155171184319, 220volt C155171184419
Kramp, SD9M1624D26WDN, SD9M1612D26WDN, SD9M1624D26WDE, SD9M1612D26WDE, SD9M16230A26WDN, SD9M16230A26WDE
Magnetspole, JO hydraulics A/S, 6356012, 6356024, for til SV10 valve, coil 12v, 17114581, M16-12D-26W-DN,
Pagus seat cartridge valve, EVK06/C1
Rexroth ds3 s1 10n solenoid coils, D36-K4-12vDC OD023601300BOO R901393412
SAPI A04/2-12dc35VA, A04/2-230vac35VA, A04/2-24vac35VA, A04/2-24vdc35VA,
Saur danfoss, M16-12D-26W-DE
Smiths industries hydraulic series 30, 101134, 102414H, c13h12/14
SVS Type 70 solenoid valve coil, E3AE, F1AA, G1AA
Vollhubventil coil F1AA

User Reviews

Małgorzata on May 17, 2018

Very pleased, exactly what I wanted, very low price, perfect easy fast solution. Thank you.

Rif on Jul 19, 2016

Had been looking for a spare solenoid coil for a while. These people listed most of the other brands and supplier part numbers, had stock, fair price delivery charges where good too. To beat that, the coils arrived next morning on a tracked delivery so I knew arrival time in advance. The quality is far better than the originals and the electrical connector fits perfectly (no rewiring). (¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•SUPER STAR STORE•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)