1/4 Latching Stainless Solenoid Valve 0-42 Bar 12/24vDC LADS8000

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: LADS8000

Width 19.00
Height 85.00
Length 41.00

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Price Ex Vat: £88.63

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1/4 BSP or NPT 2/2 way Latching bistable miniature direct acting 316 stainless steel solenoid valve, Pressure full vacuum to 42 Bar (depending on orifice and coil), seals NBR, PTFE, EPDM or FKM Solenoid Valve control voltage 12vdc or 24vdc. Series LADS8000
Latching solenoid valves require only a short pulse of electricity to open and will stay open even if no electrical power is applied. To close the latching solenoid valve a short electrical power pulse with reverse polarity (i.e. swap live and neutral wires) and the latching solenoid valve will close and stay closed. To open the solenoid valve again swap the live and neutral wires back to original position and repeat the process.

Equivalent To

CS Fluid Power LADS8012, LADS8016, LADS8020, LADS8112, LADS8116, LADS8120, LADS8130, LADS8140, LADS8150