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Solenoid Valve Coil Core 9/8mm, H 29.5mm, W 22mm, L 28.8mm, 24vDC

24vDC replacement Solenoid Valve Coil System 8 Power Level 4 Class F (155 C) Coil Requires ISO 43650B (Rectangular) fit connector, Power DC 4.8 Watts other voltages are also available. Solenoid Coil Mounting Width 22mm Connection type Industrial Standard, Voltage tolerance -10% to +10%, Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C, Duty cycle 100% Thermal class of insulating materials according to DIN VDE 0580 F Protection type including connector according to EN 60529 IP65.

289 in stock Model: 22001-24vdc

3/4 90 degree double Solenoid Valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed

Cold Water Solenoid Valve for washing machine, dishwasher and water appliance inlet 3/4" BSP male to double outlets at angled 90 degrees down with two or double 10mm 215F or 12mm 224F hose barbs or hose connections. This right angle nylon solenoid Valve has WRC approval is Normally Closed and rated 0.2 to 10 Bar, electrical connection with faston electrical tags. Voltages from 12 volt, 24 volt, 110volt and 230 volt AC 50/60Hz or DC. The RPE plastic solenoid valve D90 series double 90º inlet to outlet Ideal for most domestic and commercial water appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, drinking water dispensers and most other automated water control systems. Standard 3/4 BSP appliance hose fits directly onto the 3/4 BSP female thread with twin 10.5mm of 12.5mm drop down hose tails to fit into most water appliance rubber hoses of similar size.

25 in stock Model: D90