Coaxial valves

Coaxial valves 2/2 way (2 ports 2 positions) or 3/2 way (3 ports 2 positions) with Solenoid control or Pneumatic external control air pilot via Namur interface.

Port sizes from 1/8 up to 2 thread or flange for pressures from vacuum up to 300 Bar.

Manufactured in Brass, Steel, Aluminium, 304 or 316 Stainless steel with a range of sealing materials to suit every application such as Viton, EPDM, NBR, UHMW Polyethylene and PTFE to name but a few.

The coaxial valve design offers fast, effective bidirectional sealing and very high flow rates with relatively unobstructed flow path offering minimal pressure loss.

Coaxial valves are suitable for most fluids and gases, even thick viscous liquids up to 10,000 centistokes (square mm per second), corrosive acids and alkali's and abrasive ceramic pastes and vacuum to name but a few.

Do you need a Coaxial Valve for your application?

<> System requires high flow rates with minimal pressure loss?

<> Media being controlled is more than 50 centistokes (Thick), contaminated or abrasive?

<> System has a high back pressure?

<> System flow in both directions?

<> System requires extremely fast acting valves?

<> You have a vacuum system?

<> Very low or zero pressure differential? (inlet and outlet pressures can equalise)

<> For oxygen service up to 20 or 40 Bar +60C Max, with special sealing and oxygen cleaning?

<> Require position feed back for open and or closed position?

<> Require a manual override facility?

<> Require mounting brackets?

<> Require a robust maintenance free valve with high cycle life for

<> Ceramic pastes

<> Oils, corn oil, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, palm oil, linseed oil, etc

<> Creams, sour cream, ice cream, skin cream

<> Butter, peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter, margarine etc.

<> Liquid Fats

<> Syrup or honey

<> Ink

<> Molten chocolate

<> Sauce

<> Thick hydrocarbons

If you require any or all of the above, you can view and buy a full range of coaxial valves here.

2 way coaxial solenoid valves.

2 way coaxial valves - air actuated via namur interface

Namur Interface Valves.

Namur mount solenoid valves fit directly onto air actuated coaxial valves without the need for additional fittings or pipework.

CY520 5/2 way high flow series or CY525 3/2 + 5/2 way series.

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