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Armature Assembly for SPU225 2/2 Normally Closed Silver Shading Ring

Solenoid valve armature assembly stainless steel with Silver shading ring, Nass Magnet 113-010-0045.\n\nFunction: 2/2 way normally closed\nSeals: FKM\nShading ring: Silver (Optional copper or without ring see related items)\nTube: 304 stainless steel, Spring 302 stainless steel\nThread M20x1.0mm\nArmature: 430F stainless steel\nShading ring: Silver (without copper)\nMedia: RO water, demin water and pure water\nThread: M20x1 \nPressure: 0 to 25 Bar Max\nSystem 13 armature assembly, 113-010-0045, fits all Shako SPU225, SPU225F solenoid valves.\n

25 in stock Model: 113-010-0045