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General terms and conditions of trading

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How to return goods and returns notes and procedures.


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BrassStainless Steel or Plastic valves.

Select valves according to Body Material, Brass, Stainless steel and various Plastics.

High pressure valves.

Find valves according to pressure, Under 1 Bar, Up to 10 Bar, 25 Bar, 50 Bar and high pressure valves up to 500 Bar.

Vacuum valves.

Find valves suitable for low, medium and high vacuum.

Solenoid Coils

Find solenoid valve coils according to bore size, width, length and voltage including ATEX coils

Information Guides

BS EN 10204 certification types

Definitions of material testing and certification in DIN50049, types 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.1C and 3.2.

Chemical Compatibility Guides

Information on chemical compatibility for different chemicals and materials of construction. 

Coil guide for solenoid valves.

Information about coil duty ratings, ingress protection (IP) and Temperature Class.

Cv flow rates for Ball Valves

Flow coefficients for typical ball valves according to size and pressure rating.

Electrical Power Explained

Amps, AC, DC, Diode, Ohm, Rectifier, Resistance, Suppressor, Varistor, Volt and Watts explained and how to calculate these.

Flange Size tables

Sizes and other information for PN16, PN40, ANSI and JIS10K flanges.

Flow coefficients and flow calculations.

Calculating and understanding flow factors and how to convert between Cv, Kv, and Qn.

Function Explained

2/2 way, 3/2 way normally closed or normally open, 5/2 and single and double acting or 5/3 way explained.

Hydrostatic water pressure.

Calculate the pressure of water according to its height

Installation and Maintenance Instructions. 

General IOM instructions for solenoid valves.

IP Ingress Protection.

IP ratings and ingress protection explained and how best to wire a DIN43650 connector.

Oxygen cleaning.

Degreasing solenoid valves ready for oxygen service explained.

Pressure conversion

Conversion chart, psi, mbar, bar, atm, Pa, kPa, MPa, cmH2O, in H2O, ft H2O, mm Hg (Torr), in Hg, kg/cm2 and ft. seawater

Rust in a solenoid valve.

Explanation of why rust can be found in a solenoid valve.

Seal and Valve Body Materials

Information about most used seal and valve body materials and chemical compatibility.

Steam Pressure to Temperature chart.

Steam temperature is directly related to pressure, click link above for steam pressure to temperature table.


The world of solenoid valves has developed its own abbreviations and terminology to deal with an ever-increasing variety of functionality, layout, design and applied standards. 

Thread sizes BSP and NPT

View actual BSP thread sizes and valves with that sizes thread or flange

Thread torque settings

A table for the amount of torque to be applied to an Aluminium, Metal and push fitting.

Trading Terms - Incoterms

Ex Works, Carriage Paid, delivered at terminal, Delivered duty paid, Free on board, cost insurance and freight, Free carrier, Carriage and insurance paid, delivered at place, Free alongside ship and Cost and Freight explained.

Vacuum conversion tables

Torr, MM Hg (a), PSI (a), Inches Hg (a), Inches Hg (v), Atmospheres, Inches H2O (a), Inches H2O (v), Kg/CM2, kPa, mbar.

Absolute + Relative vacuum cross-reference guide by: %, ATM, PSI, Torr (mmHg), In Hg, kPa, Bar, mbar

Valve Symbols

A detailed view of common solenoid and pneumatic symbols explained.


Understanding viscosity as a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow and tables of common fluids. 

Why use a solenoid valve or a motor actuated ball valve?

The pro and cons of using a solenoid valve compared to a motor actuated valve.


The How-to guides.

Solenoid Valve Fault Diagnosis

In the unlikely situation you find your solenoid valve not working correctly, please use the title link above to view our Solenoid Valve Fault Diagnosis page, in which you can see the most common reasons for solenoid valves not working incorrectly. 

How to wire an ABVM motor actuator.

Instructions on how to wire our ABVM motor actuated ball valve and open/closed feed back wires.

How to change batteries in ABVMSA water leak detection controller.

Instructions on how to correctly install AA batteries in the ABVMSA water leak detection system controller.

How to change a solenoid valve armature assembly.

Instructions on the correct way to remove or install a solenoid valve armature or tube assembly.

How to measure a thread size.

Instructions and images of BSP thread sizes. You can also find valves according to the thread diameter here.

How to wire a DIN43650 electrical connector.

Instructions on the correct way to wire and mount a solenoid valve connector.