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Solenoid Valve Coil ATEX Core 14.6mm, H 42mm, W 30mm, L 39mm 3MTR

ATEX Solenoid Valve Coil System 13 ATEX EExmIIT4\nWidth: 36 mm\nManufacturer: Nass Magnet system 13/36\nProtection by encapsulation ll 2 G Ex mb ll T4 Gb and ll 2 D Ex tb IIIC T130°C Db IP65\nConnection type: three-wired cable, with ferrules\nMoulding material: thermoplastic\nVoltage tolerance: ± 10 %\nAmbient temperature:-20°C to +50°C\nRelative duty cycle: 100 %\nInsulation class of insulating materials according to DIN VDE 0580: F\nDegree of protection: IP 65\nType examination certificates: PTB 03 ATEX 2086 X, IECEx PTB 05.0005X

146 in stock Model: 22003EX

ATEX Solenoid Coil System 13/52 II 2G Ex mb T4 & T6 T Box

ATEX Solenoid Coil System 13 with terminal box Protection ll 2 G Ex e mb llC T4 Gb by encapsulation ll 2D Ex tb mb IIIC T130°C Db IP 65, IP 67 Connection type: terminal box Material: thermoplastic Voltage tolerance: ± 10% Ambient temperature: -40°C to +50°C Relative duty cycle: 100 % Insulation class of insulating materials according to DIN VDE 0580: F Degree of protection: IP 65/IP 67 Type examination certificate: PTB 11 ATEX 2027 X

2 in stock Model: 22003EX-TBOX