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1/4 brass 3/2 solenoid valve 0-11 Bar 1.2-2.2mm VX

1/4 inch 3 way universal brass solenoid valve CS Fluid Power VX\nFunction: 3/2 way universal (can be piped normally closed, open or diverting)\nOperation: Direct acting\nPort: 1/4 BSP, option NPT thread\nBody: Brass\nInternals: stainless steel\nSeal: FKM standard, option NBR\nMedia: compressed air, water, vacuum, light oil and most other fluids under 50CST and gases compatible with materials of construction.\nInternals: stainless steel\nOrifice: 1.6mm (VX1) or 2.2mm (VX2)\nPressure: 0 to 11 Bar according to orifice and coil power (see below)\nPressure: orifice 1.6mm: \nWPG1 12W coil: 0 to 7 Bar (AC) or 4.9 Bar (DC Voltage)\nWPG2 18W coil: 0 to 11 Bar (AC) or 7.7 Bar (DC Voltage)\nPressure: orifice 2.2mm: \nWPG1 12W coil: 0 to 5 Bar (AC) or 3.5 Bar (DC Voltage) \nWPG2 18W Coil: 0 to 7 Bar (AC) or 4.9 Bar (DC Voltage) \nCoil: WPG1 12watt UL, CSA IP67 approved DIN43650A Class H 100% duty rated\nCoil: WPG2 18 Watt UL, CSA IP67 approved DIN43650A Class H 100% duty rated\nProtection: IP65 with LED connector (Included)\nVoltage: 12vDC, 24vDC, 48vDC, 110vDC or 12vAC, 24vAC, 48vAC, 110vAC or 230vAC.

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