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1/2 Electrically Actuated Ball Valve 9-24vAC/DC or 110-240vAC ABVM/04S

1/2 BSP mini ABVM04 electric actuated ball valve with visual position indicator with control options Failsafe Closed, Failsafe Open or Power Open/Power Close. The Low power 5 watt 5 second IP67 mini actuators voltage options 9 to 24 volt AC or DC and 110 to 240vAC. Full flow 304 stainless steel ball valve, Pressure 0 to 10 Bar, Temperature -15C to +100C, Seals PTFE. Options to choose. Failsafe Closed - Power ON will OPEN - Power OFF will automatically CLOSE with reserve power. Failsafe Open - Power ON will CLOSE - Power OFF will automatically OPEN with reserve power. Failsafe: Requires 15 second power ON when out of the box to charge, thereafter min 10 second power ON when energised for recharging. Will draw less than 1 Watt when powered and not moving. Power Open/Close - connect RED +ve and BLACK -ve wires, GREEN wire is control wire to power open or power off close. Manual Over Ride = Button Lift + Twist will open/close valve and disengage motor, push back down to reengage motor. Available 9-24 volt only Position Switches = volt free position CLOSED and OPEN feed back. Ideal for dirty or clean water drainage for caravans, canal boats, motor homes, HVAC, solar water heating, solar thermal system, water recycling, rainwater system, BMS building management systems, communal and district heating systems, tenant heat meter services, harvested grey water systems, home energy control systems, building zone applications and heating metering systems.

99 in stock Model: ABVM/04S