RPE protective solenoid valve cover QD00582


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Brand: RPE srl

Model: QD00582FR

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The QD00582FR RPE fire retardant cover.
Designed to cover and protect most RPE mini latching series (BB) valves from electric shock, water drips and ingress when used with the correct sized cable and will help prevent a potential fire should the coil fail.
Ideally suited for 6 volts applications but can be used for any other low voltage such as 12vAC, 12vDC, 24vAC and 24vDC.
Fits most RPE solenoid valves and other similar domestic appliance valves, offering increased safety and protection, giving added peace of mind.
The RPE protective solenoid valve cover can be used with most 2/2 way latching, 2 way normally open and 2-way latching solenoid valves. The maximum valve duty rating of the solenoid valve is reduced by 50% with a maximum power ON time of two minutes, followed by a minimum three-minute cooling-off period.

Material: PDM100FR
Colour: Black / Glossy
Shore hardness: 55
Temperature rating: +65C maximum.
Properties: Flame Retardant

Technical Specification

Brand: RPE srl

Model: QD00582FR

Width: 30.00 mm

Height: 50.00 mm

Depth: 70.00 mm

Weight: 0.05 kg

Valve / Product Type: Solenoid

Voltage: 6vDC

Function: 2/2 Latching

Operation: Pressure Assisted

Spare Parts: Valve Cover