Solenoid valves for Industrial Oxygen

Oxygen is not flammable by itself, but it can react with many materials to enable ignition and combustion, by reducing the flash point or ignition temperature that materials would normally ignite and burn, and the speed and combustion temperature according to the oxygen content. The higher the oxygen content, the lower the ignition point and the higher the combustion or flame temperature, up to explosive levels.

To control oxygen safely, all the internal components in contact with oxygen, such as the valve body, core tube, armature assembly and internal seals must be specially cleaned and degreased. Standard valves come into contact with machine cutting oils, grease and other lubricants, even handling a valve will deposit oils and greases. In most other applications these deposits are acceptable, but for oxygen service all traces of grease and oils must be totally removed to prevent an explosive combustion. 

Here at solenoid valve world, we supply a range of degreased solenoid valves suitable for use with clean oxygen lines.

Customers can choose:

1. Degreasing a solenoid valve with our 24 hour in house degreasing service. This service is limited to specific valves such as Brass AD6, AD8, AD10, PU225 series and Stainless steel ADS6, ADS8, ADS10 and SPU225 series. (See below)

2. Oxygen service coaxial solenoid valves, manufactured and degreased specifically for oxygen service pressures: 0-20 Bar or 0-40 Bar

3. Oxygen specific solenoid valves, manufactured and degreased specifically for oxygen service for pressures up to 400 bar.

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At solenoid valve world, we also offer a 24-hour in house oxygen clean degreasing service for specific solenoid valves that can be 100% disassembled, oxygen cleaned and reassembled and bagged ready for shipping.

Not available for oxygen service exceeding 10 Bar or valves with internal piston or coaxial design that must be ordered from the factory as oxygen cleaned.

Utilising a stainless steel manual hot water parts washer, solenoid valve component parts are submersed in a highly concentrated alkaline liquid cleaner water mix degreaser, heated to +40C the cleaning agent penetrates deeper than water itself, emulsifies and suspends solids, is free rinsing without film or residue leaving surfaces clean enough for plating, painting or welding without any additional preparation being required and has a built-in passive inhibitor for short time elimination of oxidation.

The solution used typically replaces vapour degreasers and other ozone depleting cleaning systems.

When used at 35% concentration with water, it eliminates odours and when heated is ideal for even heavy oils, greases, drawing compounds and especially metal working lubricants normally found inside solenoid valves.

The heated cleaning agent mixed with water is safe to use with steel, chrome, cadmium, bronze, iron, nickel, copper, stainless steel, lead, brass and most alloys and is completely safe to use with Aluminium when used correctly.

Solenoid valves for oxygen systems.