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Shako 40 + 5 micron PE Filter elements for UFRL06-08

Shako NUB0008063 5μm PE filter element, NUB0008064 40μm PE Filter element to suit Shako FRL series:- UFR/L-06-08, UFR-06-08 and UF06-08

10 in stock Model: NUB

Shako 40 + 5 micron Sintered Bronze Filter elements UFRL06-08

Shako KUB0008061 5μm sintered bronze filter element, KUB0008060 40μm Sintered bronze Filter element to suit Shako FRL series:- UFR/L-06-08, UFR-06-08 and UF-06-08. These elements can be cleaned with spirits or kerosene when dirty and therefore can be used repeatedly.

10 in stock Model: KUB

Air Filter Regulator Lubricator 3/4",1" BSP Shako UFRL06/08

The Shako UFR/L-06 and UFR/L-08 filter removes water and particles very effectively is fitted with 40 micron PE filter as standard with a 5 micron PE or sintered brass filter available and are easily interchangeable. The filter bowl has an excellent 210cc capacity and comes with semi automatic drain as standard (can be manually emptied whilst under pressure or will automatically drain any condensate water if the system air pressure drops under 0.5 bar), a fully automatic drain or manual drain option. The air regulator offers high accuracy robust air regulation via a piston system and offers easy accurate pressure settings between 0.5 and 10 bar and are all factory pressure, flow and leak tested to 15 bar during the manufacturing process. The lubricator system has been designed to release a fine oil mist into the treated air and can be replenished with new lubricator oil (ideally ISO-VG32) without stopping air supply. This oil spray mist system ensures excellent lubrication for machinery and aluminium or acid and alkali resistant bowls are also available and provide excellent protection in organic and chemical corrosive environments. The Shako UFRL air treatment air preparation system is offers a low price with excellent performance package and is supplied ready assembled with pressure gauge and mounting bracket in a box ready for installation. (Lubricator oil will be required). Total weight 2145g, max flow 3/4" = 7940 l/min or 1" = 8200 l/min.

10 in stock Model: UF/RL06-08