Gas Valves

Gas approved single stage solenoid valve certified to EN161 Class A for use with Natural Gas, Propane Gas and Coke Gas as a safety shut off device or slam shut valve. Applications include gas power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilms and other gas appliances. Auto Reset - Normally Closed (Failsafe) - Electrical Power To Open (VMR + VMH) Manual Reset - Normally Closed (Failsafe) - Manual resetting or lifting back into the open position and with electrical power to stay open. (EVRM-NC)

Auto Reset EN161 Gas Valves VMR

VMR Gas solenoid safety slam shut valve; Function Auto reset normally closed; Certified EN161 Class A for Natural Gas; Pressure 0 - 200 mBar; Sizes 1/4 to 2" BSP or flanged PN16 DN65 to DN150. VMH electro hydraulic gas valves Pressure 0 to 1300mBar; Sizes PN16 flange DN65 to DN300.

Motor Actuated (Electro Hydraulic) EN161 Gas Safety Shut Off Valves VMH

Elektrogas VMH electro hydraulic actuated Gas safety shut off valve; Certified EN161 and Class A for natural gas; Pressures 0 to 200 mBar, o to 500 mBar, 0 to 1300 mBar & 0 to 1600 mBar; Port PN16 flange sizes DN65 to DN300.

Manual Reset EN161 Gas Valves EVRM-NC

Gas safety slam shut off solenoid valves with manual reset series EVRMNC; Certified EN161 Class A for Natural Gas; Pressure 0 to 600 mBar, Sizes 1/4 to 2" BSP or flanged PN16 DN65 to DN300. Manual reset valves require electrical power ON and manual resetting or lifting into the open position, electrical power will only keep valve in the open position. When power is removed the valve will quickly slam shut. Designed to prevent gas valve from automatically reopening after a power cut so an engineer can verify that the pilot light is lit before manually resetting the valve open.