Water Leak Detection System 240vAC Single Zone


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Brand: Connexion

Model: WLDS1V

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The WLDS1V mains powered 240v water leak detection kit has been designed to detect water leaks and prevent water damage in commercial offices, homes and other critical areas and will automatically isolate the water supply in the event of a detected leak.

These are easy to install by any qualified electrician in a discrete location, then a signal cable is then connected from the control panel to the detection area to a detection cable or spot probe.

When water touches the detection cable or probe, it will trigger the control panel to close isolate the water supply and sound the alarm.

Options to choose:

1. Water leak detection cable 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 meter length and then interconnecting signal cable that fits between control panel and leak detection cable, options for 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 meter signal cables.


Spot probe with prewired 3mtr interconnecting cable.

2. Floor Clips: Recommended 1 per meter for the water leak detection cable.

3. Ball Valve: Automatic water shut off valve and valve thread / pipe size (Typically 1/2 for 15mm or 3/4 for 22mm pipe).

Additional detectors: A single control panel will support a maximum 3 spot probes or 3 water leak detection cables.

Fits into a standard deep double gang electrical socket back box

230VAC 50/60Hz operation

Audible warning device with “Mute” push button to silence the alarm

Flashing Red / Green Alarm lamp that changes to a steady Red when the alarm is muted

Green Power ON lamp

Volt free contact for onward alarm signalling to a BMS
Water shut off valve control to stop the leak when an alarm is raised.

Water valve shut off override facility allowing the water to be turned on when the alarm is still active. (Press alarm button 7–8 seconds)

Alarms latched until Mute operated to give indication of transient water leaks

A Bi-directional DC signal in the sensors to stop electrolyses and polarisation

Sensitivity adjustment, allowing it to be set for high to low sensitivity

A valve shutdown override facility is provided to allow reinstatement of the water after a leak whilst waiting for the detection cable to dry out. (Press alarm button for 7–8 seconds). If used, this override facility will automatically be cancelled when the alarm unit returns to normal operation.
A normally open volt free contact has been provided for onward signalling to a BMS or existing alarm system.

In normal mode with no alarms or faults, the audible warning device will be OFF, and the green lamp will be ON.

When the detection cable comes into contact with water anywhere along its length, the audible warning device will start, the BMS alarm relay will close, and the lamp will start flashing between green and red. To stop the audible warning, press the “Mute Alarm” button. On muting, the lamp will stop flashing and remain permanently red, indicating an acknowledged alarm. The system will remain in this state until the water is removed from the cable, when the lamp will turn green and BMS alarm relay turn OFF.

Any double blanking plate can be used, allowing the unit to match the surrounding décor

Additional cables or probes, please select control panel not required, and select the cables and or clips required. (Maximum sensors, 3 per control panel)

Sensor cable not working: Make sure the multicoloured water leak detection cable remains tightly twisted as supplied. If this cable becomes separated at any point, it will not function as intended.

Technical Specification

Brand: Connexion

Model: WLDS1V

Width: 149.00 mm

Height: 88.00 mm

Depth: 22.00 mm

Weight: 0.50 kg

Valve / Product Type: Ball, Motor Actuated , Safety Shut Off, Water leak detection

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Voltage: 230VAC

Port Size: 1 Inch, 1/2 Inch, 1/4 Inch, 11/2 Inch, 11/4 Inch, 2 Inch, 3/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch

Function: Power Open/Power Close

Operation: Direct Acting

Pressure Maximum: 0.02 Bar (20 mBar), 0.1 Bar (100 mBar), 0.2 Bar (200 mBar), 0.3 Bar (300 mBar), 0.4 Bar (400 mBar), 0.5 Bar (500 mBar), 0.6 Bar (600 mbar), 0.7 Bar (700 mBar), 0.8 Bar (800 mBar), 1 Bar, 1.2 Bar, 1.3 Bar, 1.4 Bar, 1.5 Bar, 1.6 Bar, 2 Bar, 2.5 Bar, 3 Bar, 3.5 Bar, 4 Bar, 4.5 Bar, 5 Bar, 5.5 Bar, 6 Bar, 6.5 Bar, 7 Bar, 7.5 Bar, 8 Bar, 8.5 Bar, 9 Bar, 10 Bar

Seals: EPDM

Approvals: IP67, WRAS

Media: Water

Options required: Anti Water Hammer, Manual Override, Position Feedback - Open + Closed, Position indication - Visual

Orifice: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 8.0mm