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Pressure Reducing Valve 316 stainless steel 1/2 up to 2 BSP 1.5-6, 4-10 or 8-13 Bar

Stainless steel Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Z Tide RET. \n\nFunction: direct acting pressure reducing valve\nPort sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 11/2 or 2 BSPT, option NPT or BSPP (G) thread. \nMax inlet pressure: 25 Bar Max\nPressure reducing range: 1.5 to 6 Bar, 4 to 10 Bar or 8 to 13 Bar, outlet pressure displayed by stainless steel pressure gauge (Included)\nTest pressure: 35 Bar\nTemperature Range -15°C to +100°C (according to seal)\nBody: 316 stainless steel, option Duplex 316 stainless steel\nSealing: NBR +60°C standard, option Viton +100°C and EPDM.\nMedia: air, gas, water, RO water, Pure water, Demin water, and other gases and fluids under 50 CST compatible with materials of construction.\n\nSpecial options up to 40 bar available.\n\nThe RET series PRV has a pressure balance design that is not influenced by unstable fluctuating inlet pressures and will maintain a constant stable downstream / outlet pressure regardless of upstream pressure changes and responds quickly and accurately. The unique UH ring sealing and diaphragm offering greatly improved pressure regulation, control and reliability.

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Seal kit for direct acting pressure reducing + sustaining valves

NBR and Viton seal kits to suit RET + REF Z-Tide pressure reducing valve and RFT + RFF pressure sustaining valves. \n\nSuitable for both the original design (with large diaphragm up to 2020) and new version without this diaphragm manufactured from 2020 onwards.\n\nConsists of:\nU Ring, UH Ring, sealing spacer and body O Rings\n\nSelect valve size and seal material, NBR or Viton.\n\n1/2\" RET15S, REF15S, RFT15S, RFF-15S use KIT-RET-15S\n3/4\" RET20S, REF20S, RFT20S, RFF20S use KIT-RET-20S\n1\" RET25S, REF25S, RFT25S, RFF25S use KIT-RET-25S\n11/2\" RET40S, REF40S, RFT40S, RFF40S use KIT-RET-40S\n2\" RET50S, REF50S, RFT50S, RFF50S use KIT-RET-50S

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