Pressure Relief Valve Stainless DN50-300 0.2-4, 2-8 or 5-13 Bar

Brand: Z-Tide Valves Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: BFL-S

Width 95.00
Height 95.00
Length 190.00

£996.34 £1,487.08
Price Ex Vat: £830.28

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Pressure Relief safety release valve BFL-S operating pressure ranges from 0.2 to 4 Bar or 2 to 8 Bar and 5 to 13 Bar. The relief pressure can be manually adjusted between the minimum and maximum pressure of the chosen valve with the system pressure displayed by the external pressure gauge. The BFL-S stainless steel pressure relief valve will stay closed until system pressure reaches set maximum, then the pressure relief valve quickly opens releasing excess upstream pressure downstream, when the upstream pressure drops to maximum setting the BFL-S carefully closes to avoid back pressure surges.

Equivalent To

Z-Tide BFL50S, BFL65S, BFL80S, BFL100S, BFL125S, BFL150S, BFL200S, BFL250S, BFL300S, BFL350S, BFL400S

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