RPE Solenoid Valves

Founded in 1971 RPE srl is a family owned business which began manufacturing electronics for washing machines. In 1975 CEO and RPE founder Mr Giuliano Ravazzani began manufacturing plastic water solenoid valves for domestic appliances, for which many of the original innovative production process's still exist even today. By the end of 1970's RPE had pushed their manufacturing technology forward to include automated plastic injection moulding and solenoid coil winding production systems to a point that there were no external suppliers or sub-contractors and so all manufacturing was totally in house and under full quality control.
Today RPE srl are key manufacturers into the landscape irrigation, sanitary, household appliance, hydro massage, water / drink dispense, steam oven / steam iron and coffee machine industries.

RPE solenoid valves are found in many major manufacturers world wide such as Saeco, Smeg, Jacuzzi Europe, Electrolux, Euroclean, Candy, Merloni, Doxon, Ideal Standard and Fratelli Frattini to name but a few.

RPE's strong commitment to product quality mean they are able to maintain internationally recognised certification from UL, EN60335, WRAS, ACS, NSF, KTW, DM174/2001 and BS EN 9001:2008.

RPE have; since their beginning focused on valve quality, reliability and performance and with today's markets requiring fully customizable products RPE have with their capacity and infrastructure been able to meet most particular project and purpose specific solutions.

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RPE worldwide stockist distribution network making all standard production plastic solenoid valves available in all voltages.

Single, double, triple and quadruple outlet water appliance valves with 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 or 3/4" inch BSP thread connection or 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 15mm metric and 1/4" or 3/8" imperial push speed fit end connections and a range of integral flow restrictors to suit every domestic and commercial municipal mains water application with food and drinking water certification.

2/2 Normally Closed (Fail-safe closed) electrical power to open water solenoid valves to suit most water applications, pressure range typically 0.2 to 10 bar and control voltages ranging from 12volt RPE BC water solenoid valve DC through to 240vAC. The low power 6.2 watt IPX fas-ton tag or IP65 flying lead wire coils allow for a maximum 2 minutes power open flow with minimum 3 minutes closed coil cooling off period.

2/2 Normally Open (Fail safe open) electrical power to close to suit most water applications, pressure 0.2 to 10 bar and control control voltages ranging from 12volt DC through to 240vAC. The low power 6.2 and 3.6 watt watt IPX fas-ton tag or IP65 flying lead wire coils allow for a maximum 2 minutes power closed no flow with minimum 3 minutes open coil cooling off period. Available sizes 1/4 BSP Male 3115BA, 1/4" BSP female 3105BA, 3/8" BSP Male 4115BA, 3/8" BSP female 4105BA, 1/2" BSp male 5115BA, 1/2" BSP female 5105BA and 3/4" BSP male 6115BA, and speed fit series 1136BA 6mm, 1145BA 8mm, 1156BA 10mm, 1175BA 15mm or 1186BA 1/4" and 1196BA 3/8" JG push fit.

R series BB mini mini latching / bi-stable RPE solenoid valve series. Bi-stable (Latching) RPE solenoid valves require a quick millisecond battery   power pulse to stay Open then in reverse polarity to change valve to Closed. Ideal solution for most battery and low power RPE BB Latching solenoid valve water applications, pressure range remains from 0.2 through to 10 bar and control control voltage 6vdc up to 9vdc, and can withstand 12vdc for a very short time. The latching system millisecond power pulse means that the coil will not become hot so no cooling off period is required.

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